Marketing Festival 2017

This is English version of the report, if you are looking for a Slovak one, follow this link.

This year Marketing Festival took place on 9-10th November in Prague, which replaced Ostrava, where the Marketing Festival was held in the last years. There were nearly 2000 participans, about 1400 of whom were representatives of CZ and SK community, and about 400 were from abroad. Festival consisted of 2 days, the first being on the training program, the next day the conference itself.


Transition to freelancer

July 2017 has become a breakthrough for me. I am no longer the classical employee I’ve been through throughout my college education and the last year after it. Although I have been doing business as a contractor for almost a year, it was only because of my job and I didn’t have much time for my personal projects. When my work didn’t fulfill me anzmore, I was thinking what to do next. I decided to go for a full-time entrepreneur, even if I do not completely exclude employment in a near future.

Like everyone else, I’ve had a lot of “millionaire ideas”. Dozens of different projects, dozens of never-used domains, focusing on various marketing channels, different sources of monetization, I’ve never been able to do anything to the fullest extent of time to give me a long=term sense. Today I have grown a bit. Most of my projects, sites, domains have either been sold, donated or expired. I decided to try to focus primarily on the area where I see the greatest potential in personal terms, and that is education.