I am an online marketing specialist focusing on the online environment. I have graduated from a marketing specialization and currently I am continuing with PhDr. studies.

I build an educational platform, consult, lecture, train, and try to move forward all the people around me.

My aim is, above all, to educate the local market, which I think has a lot of "defects". If you want to know how I'm doing this challenging task, let me get in touch.

For a long time, I did not know what I wanted to do in my life, so I chose the normal procedure and went to school, where I knew a little bit to imagine not to suffer. During my studies, I became more familiar with online marketing, which caught me so much that I was getting new information all day. I enjoy working so much that I do not know the feeling when a person goes to work and hopes when he finally leaves.

As I gradually improved, I was forced to filter the amount of information that is on the Internet. Believe me, it's still a fight. This has brought me to the idea of focusing on education because my environment is lost in working life and most are still waiting for where their lives are going. And that's a mistake. Each of us should go hunt own goals.

Training at Prague

Cybersecurity Conference in Prague

During my studies and after I graduated, I worked for a variety of smaller clients, and for the last two years I was part of the LIFARS start-up cybersecurity based in New York, where I also worked as a digital marketing specialist.

My main focus is the performance part of marketing, especially search engines - SEO, and partly paid advertising. What, however, my clients appreciate the most is the overview in all areas of marketing and the ability to give a comprehensive view of their business.

I'm an organized person, I've got checklists and guidelines for all activities, and I'm just trying to use just the tactics that make sense to you. Who still wants to waste time?

Over the last few years, I blew out a lot of unnecessary euros out of the window, failed to build a number of sites, and especially lost a lot of time looking for "ideal marketing." As a person with tendencies towards perfectionism​​​​, I tested all available templates, plugins, tools, procedures, and resulted in great frustration. But I ended up doing it and found the procedures that work for me, and I want to provide them further. I have a myriad of sites of a different nature, but my primary focus is the Marketing Player e-learning platform and related projects.